Geophysical and Geological (G&G) Studies

ICG can provide a team of professionals with the technical expertise to conduct special projects and studies, ranging from regional-scale basin analysis to comprehensive field evaluation, at clients’ office or sites. Our G&G teams utilize the best practice geoscience and engineering methodologies coupled with leading edge technology. Our consultants can effectively integrate the disciplines of geology, geophysics, engineering, and economics to provide the best possible solutions to our clients’ needs. We are recognized as one of the industry’s most trusted providers of high quality upstream consultancy projects and studies. All areas of prospect generation and evaluation are covered by our G&G team including:

  • Exploration and development prospect generation (Seismic interpretation, basin modeling,sequence stratigraphy etc.)
  • Assessment of structure map integrity.
  • Detailed fault surface interpretation and analysis.
  • Sand distribution and geometry mapping .
  • Reservoir quality analysis.