Field and Operations

Petroleum Engineering, Modeling and Related Services

Petroleum engineering studies are fundamental to profitable operations. The evaluation of the performance of each reservoir and well is an essential part of all of our multi-disciplinary studies. At ICG, our consultants validate the geologic interpretation and focus on the remaining potential of the field. Our petroleum engineers combine volumetric and performance evaluation results to determine the exploration, exploitation, and remaining potential reserves and resources of all properties. Our Petroleum Engineering and related services include, but not limited to the following:

  • Reservoir management and planning.
  • Estimation of proven, probable, and potential reserves.
  • Production history and volumetric
  • (Volumetric oil and gas reserves and resource calculations) analysis.
  • Integration of well log, seismic, and production data for a complete picture of prospect quality.
  • Third party reserve reports .
  • Monitoring drilling programs.
  • The preparation of a complete development plan.
  • Enhanced recovery studies .
  • Other Petroleum Engineering analysis.

Drilling & Field Operations Project Management

ICG Drilling & Field Operations is a leading provider of services and technologies to the oil and gas industry. With our extensive range of services and equipment, we can perform highly complex and customised operations by combining the most efficient and cost saving assemblies for drilling and field operations.

We can supply personnel, equipment and services for drilling and well operations, and we cost-effectively operate, maintain and provide managerial and technical support to our clients. Our competitive advantage comes from our ability to maintain an operational culture where risk identification and improvement are embraced as a top priority.

We can provide full turn key operations and maintenance services or we can tailor our services to meet clients’ requirements and work seamlessly within an operator´s organization.

Our consultants can handle all types of projects from early phase conceptual development to final field operations. We cover all disciplines in the field of project management, including:

  • Planning.
  • Resource management.
  • Estimates.
  • Cost management.
  • Change management .
  • Uncertainty management.